Why Have Baby Scales?

AMA has been providing the best quality medical equipment all across Australia for over twenty years now. They have a long list of products in store; one among them is baby scales. These are a must have in hospitals especially in the gynecologist and pediatrician departments. This is because new born babies are weighed at the time of birth and even later until they are a few years older. Keeping a record of the weight of the baby allows too see if it is growing properly or not. Many baby scales have built in memory where they keep record of the weight and when you measure it again let’s say after a month, it compares the difference in readings noted, if there is any. Along with baby weight, some of the scales are manufactured such that they have in built measuring rods that can even record the increase in your child’s height. Baby scales are important because the record of weight and height of a baby can help you calculate the BMI Body Mass Index which then can be checked on a scale to know if the baby is underweight, normal or overweight.  

Many baby scales are available at AMA Medical, one such scale by Seca scales with the model number 354 is a must have in hospitals and clinics. This is a digital baby scale, which actually costs three hundred and sixty eight dollars, but if you shop from AMA Medical, you can save hundred and fifty four dollars and the price become two hundred and fourteen dollars. This device can be converted into a scale that is flat making it easy to use by pediatrics. Some of the features that make this product a must have are: there are two scales, baby and floor which can be combined to make one, the weighing tray at the base of the scale can be detached, the scale also has a BMIF which means Breast Milk Intake Function, the scale is light in weight, it weighs only two kg, making it easy to transport and above all this device comes with a two year warranty. The baby scale has a capacity up to twenty kilograms, with graduation ranging from ten grams to ten kilograms and twenty grams. The baby scale operates with four AA batteries.

To keep the baby scale safe, you must also have a case to carry the scale while you travel from one city to another or even abroad. One such carry case for a baby scale has been manufactured by Seca with the model number 413 and this bag costs ninety five dollars. Some of the features that make this bag a must have is that it keeps the scale safe; the bag has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted. The material used to make this bag is robust nylon. This bag is resistant to dust and water, which means that your scale will be safe even if it is raining. The carry case has a two year warranty.