It’s Raining In The Bathroom

There is nothing like enjoying a hot water shower in the bathroom, after a long tiring day or the best thing after workout. It’s soothing, relaxing and above all an unforgettable experience, hot water or cold water quality shower is something which each and every one wants to enjoy. Usually we visit hotels during our trips and journeys, and the best thing we enjoy is the washroom area, where we find everything suitable, properly decorated and quality appliances such as: pressure of water in the shower, clean shower grates, cleanliness and everything else just the best. The best thing which we enjoy in there; again is the pressure water hot shower along with the ambiance of the room.

We are living in an era where everything has plenty of variety so is the case with showers. Market is full of showers variety out there, previously there was only one kind of shower which was there in the washrooms, an externally fitted pipe, bathroom tapware and a netted metal shower attached at the top through which the water drips on the head of the person taking shower. There is nothing more relaxing than getting that hot water on the head, anyways these days even ceiling showers are in and providing tremendous services.

No matter it’s a ceiling shower or a normal shower what matters is the pressure of the water, there are so many misconceptions related to that, people think that it’s the shower which develops the pressure of the water, see the reality is dependent on the flow of the water and the quality of the metal shower and pipe fitting; but this may not work if  one is living on 16th floor (it will eventually reduce the pressure of the water) for those who doesn’t know about this fact, as the floors increases the flow of water decreases (as the water has to climb up from the pipes).

Anyways, in this case one has to install a pressure motor in order to get the desired pressure of water. That killing pressure of water comes out in the hotel shower is due to that pressure motor fitted inside the ceiling shower. These days even ceiling showers are coming with fitted motors which increase the pressure of the water and provide an unforgettable experience. For those who are unaware of how the ceiling shower works, it has the fitting of the pipes from inside, which makes it look elegant and the internal fittings of the pipes (keeps the pipes rust free and safe from water exposure). But all in all it, is recommended to research a bit before buying and getting a ceiling shower and get the best brand (which is durable, reliable and famous). Because it is worth to spend few more bucks on washroom appliances especially ceiling shower.